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Our specialization expert on the Business Core from Front Operational Management to the Backend Accounting and Report, We provide you solution, and give you the most effective IT solution for your business needs.

Bussiness Automation

Our Software Engineering Team will provide you with High-Tech Business Automation System to start managing your team with hasslefree, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Business Analytics

Strategize your System to control your Busines, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Powerful Business Solution

With Our Technology, Managing your business has never been easier. It Makes your business and team runs faster than ever before.
From Customer Service, Operational, Accounting, to Analytics. Everything is connected and sistemized to Embrace Industry 4.0

  • Consultation
  • Our expert will help you with the most advance solution to help your business runs faster and achieve the goals
  • IT Solution
  • With our IT Technology, we solve your unique management problems
  • KPI Optimization
  • With KPI Optimization Live in Real Time, Business Decisions can be made agile & reliable
  • Cloud Ready
  • With Cloud Ready, You can access your system anywhere anytime
  • Virtual Manager
  • Automatic Virtual Manager will help you managing the whole team a lot easier and hasslefree
  • Industry 4.0
  • Our compliance with Industry 4.0 Ready can help your business embrace the tough competition in new digitalized era

Recent Works

Here some of our clients.


Contractor. Interior Design. Wallpaper

Supratik Suryamas

Plastic goods manufacturer.

Sukses Muda Jaya

Supplier General Merchandise & Furniture.

Grosir Barang

Supplier Aneka Produk Barang dan Merchandise dengan harga Grosir.

Arva Premium

We’re bringing Tempe to the next level!

Punokawan Indonesia

Dengan desain yang modern, elegan, dan glamor, membuat perpaduan sempurna untuk kelengkapan perhiasan koleksi Anda.

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Working Process

We plan properly


We will do the planing and maping what you need.

We start project


We will start the project as soon as we finish the plan.

We showcase work


We will always stay on contact with you and show our progress.

You'll be happy


Don't worry we will always support you even after the project is done.

Why Us?

We are not just a software maker, Our specialization focus the Business itself integrated with our IT Technology. Consult with our Expert to analyze and give you the most effective IT solution for your business needs. And Managing your team from anytime anywhere in the world.

Rosalyne Interior

In order to meet the company’s aggressive growth rate goals, Rosalyne Interior & Constructions began Digital Transformation with Horus Business Automation to Increase Efficiency and Security on Budgeting System while speed up the collaboration, production and deliverability. We implement Online System using Google Cloud Technology to Collaborate Internal Teamwork anytime anywhere. After Implementing Strict Budget & Cost Control, Rosalyne successfully reducing significant product waste & human error, while online collaboration system increasing production speed enormously between field staffs and office staffs and keep to continuous improvement running.

PT. Sukses Muda Jaya

Having multiple brand without proper system in a fast online retail sector is a huge headache. PT Sukses Muda Jaya implement Horus custom fulfilment system inside the company to boost collaboration and product handling. After measurement, PT Sukses Muda Jaya is now have a faster and smoother handling of load of customer goods & delivery between different places.

Jaya Alumunium

Having branch make the data flow become slow. To overcome the issue Jaya Alumunium implement Horus system to managing data flow on the center office and all branch become one. Every task, transaction, even warehouse stock can be monitored anytime and everywhere. After implement Horus system the delivery and data flow become much better now.